Google Introduces Gmail SMS for African Market

While some parts of the world get connected using the latest smartphones and tablets, SMS remains the only form of wireless communication in many parts of Africa. To give residents in African countries a more consistent way of reading and answering to email straight from their mobile phones, Google unveils Gmail SMS for Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya.

To utilize this feature, you need a computer and log into your Gmail account. Head over to the “Phone and SMS” settings section, input your mobile number and complete the verification process. This service will automatically forward all email to your mobile phone as text messages. Gmail SMS is extremely helpful to consumers who do not have an iPhone, Android smartphone, or Windows Phone device. Even if they do have such advanced phones, Gmail SMS is beneficial in case of data outages.

While receiving Gmail SMS message are free, standard fees will apply for outgoing emails.

Source: Google Africa, via Engadget
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