YouTube Adds Face Blurring Function

In the age when YouTube is also used for serious stuff beyond the usual Whoever Reacts, KPop video reactions, and make-up tutorials, the video sharing website comes up with a new feature that caters to activist video makers. If you have shot a group of rebels protesting against the current state of government, but fear that exposing their faces to the World Wide Web would subject them to political persecution, YouTube can automatically blur their faces.

The functionality works like facial recognition, so YouTube was quick to add that it may miss out on faces depending on lighting obstructions and video quality. Users will be able to preview how it would look and prompts them whether to include the blurred option. YouTube would then create a new, blurred copy to avoid losing the unedited original. Users will then be given the option to delete the original video.

The face blurring capability rolls out on YouTube today.

Source: YouTube Blog, via Engadget
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